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Here are some tracks, one recorded in a studio, the others live at Korks in Otley, West Yorkshire
Kevin Loughran: Vocals, Guitar
David Bowie Jr: Bass
Phil Snell: Mandolin, Fiddle, Guitar

The Twangles with their “Sounds and sweet airs that give delight and hurt not” (It’s Shakespeare, y’know.) have delighted audiences for the last 2 years.

Dave Bowie Jr is the go-to bass player for many well-known performers. He brings his formidable technique and impeccable good taste to such diverse ensembles as The Phil Cockerham trio, Burden of Paradise (Snake Davis) and The Ukulele Orchestra of Great Britain; his CV further includes spells playing with the Shuffle Monsters, Steve Tilston and of course his membership of the legendary trio Sketch.
Dave is Senior Musical Arranger with The Twangles.
Phil Snell is a fully paid-up member of the Wharfedale Folk Pantheon. He is known to many for his stringmeister work with The Malkies back in the noughties but has long been sought after by dance teams and his other collaborations are perhaps currently capped by the solid and highly entertaining duo Gerry Cooper and Phil Snell. Also much admired and hired for his excellent sound engineering and recording skills, Phil is Senior Musical Arranger with the Twangles.
Kevin Loughran has been a face on the West Yorkshire scene since the mid-1970s. He was a member of the boldly creative Toad’s Notion back then and fronted Alan Dailey’s western swing bands Prairie Oyster in the Eighties and Brain Cloudy in the nineties. Kevin has long been resolute in presenting a variety of song entertainment but is a notable interpreter of ‘vintage’ popular song from the 30s and 40s
Kevin is Senior Musical Arranger with The Twangles.

As a trio, The Twangles are all about musical enjoyment for their audiences and themselves. Recently asked what “genre” they could be introduced as, they were reduced to muttering and foot shuffling. Clearly they didn’t know what the word meant

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